Quotation/Proposal/Contract Life Cycle
  • Creation of a proposal or a quotation

  • Managing quotation

  • Performing credit analysis

  • Application/proposal approval

  • Contract Creation/management and complete life cycle

  • Handling of contract life cycle

  • Receivable management

  • Expenses and account payable management

  • Default handling and litigation

  • Contract modifications ( financials/ non-financial)

  • Early termination and contract closure

  • Flat Cancellation

Customer services

Stationeries and Configurable documents

Asset Management

Receivables management

Third-party application integration (Direct Debit / Direct Credit / PDC / SAP etc)

Banking File interface

Accounting Management (Payment / Disbursements / Receipting / Reversals)


Charges and payables management

Restructuring and contract modifications

Vehicle remarketing and sale proceed

  • Contract reporting

  • Asset reporting

  • Accounting and receivable

  • Credit analysis

Disbursement and payables

Company configuration

System setup

Application configuration

Accounting file interfaces configuration

Credit line

Administration module
  • Application Users Management

  • Application Rights, Access and workflow management

  • Office Team Management

Print server

Dayend execution

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